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Apr 13, 2010

First Impressions: Pink Innocent 1, ION, Rasetsu 4

Not wanting to be verbose about it, I decided to come up with a way to give quick reviews that provide mostly first impressions. I hope to write more in depth reviews later. Here goes!

Pink Innocent 1

Rich girl falls for techy boy. They experience the joy and pain of dating. Cute and funny, may cause one to face palm.


Arina Tanemura's first manga volume - one shot. Girl falls for geeky boy. She discovers her psychic powers and thinks this may be the reason boy likes her. A rival? Oh, no! No powers? Oh, no! Will he ever like her? Typical Tanemura style - interesting to see where she started. Recommended for fans of the mangaka or sci-fi buffs.

Rasetsu 4

The deadline gets closer. Kuryu realizes Rasetsu's feelings towards Yako and makes his move. Yow! Some risky action on Kuryu's part. Cliffhanger! What comes next? Shiomi does supernatural sizzle at its best!

So how is the short format? Hit a feedback button folks!
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