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May 5, 2009

About This Blog

I stumbled upon manga about four years ago when I watched an anime that did not tell the whole story. That was "His and Hers Circumstances" and I searched out "Kare Kano" to find out how the story ended. I've always been an avid reader and preferred books to movies, so I wasn't surprised to find out how much better the manga was compared to the anime. However, I was amazed at the whole new world of reading that opened up when I "discovered" manga. I've never considered them as comics, and the variety of storytelling as well as the beautiful artistry has starved my wallet of cash for the last few years. The fun part was retraining my brain to read from right to left. It didn't take me long, and several bookshelves later, I'd say I'm an addict. The interesting factor is that I'm not part of the typical teen target audience in America for these books. I'm actually over thirty and a mom of one. But that's the beauty of Japanese manga; they're written for a much wider audience than American graphic literature.

So why "Heart of Manga"? Well, I wanted a title that would encompass more than one meaning. My first thought was that the shojo genre would be considered the "heart" genre of manga since it has many stories appealing to a girl's romantic side. From another perspective, a review gets down to the "heart" or vital elements of a story; and an honest review would be from the "heart" of the reader. Thus the title "Heart of Manga" was born.


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