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May 26, 2009

Absolute Boyfriend - Yuu Watase

Absolute Boyfriend is Yuu Watase's most recent attempt at a comedic, high school life manga. First serialized in Shojo Comic from 2003 to 2005, it ran in English in Viz's Shojo Beat magazine from 2005 to 2008.

Synopsis: The main character Riiko Izawa orders a life-size lover android from a website after being rejected by her most recent crush. The figure, as he's called, is her ideal boyfriend and wants to become her lover. Confused about liking an android and betrayed by her best girl friend, Riiko turns to her childhood friend Soshi for comfort, who then confesses his feelings for her. Torn between her feelings for the figure, Night, and her feelings for Soshi, Riiko must choose which one she truly loves.

Review: If I were interviewing Yuu Watase my first question would be, "What were you thinking when you came up with this one?" I mean, can the premise of the story be any lamer? Don't get me wrong, I like Ceres Celestial Legend and even Fushigi Yugi, but this story is just... STUPID. A high school girl falls in love with an android, and she has to decide if she loves the android or an actual human. Does Riiko even have a brain? Duh! A human vs. an android is an easy decision. Choose the REAL PERSON. The whole plot is ridiculous and a waste of time. Then there's the outcome of the story. I won't ruin it for those who haven't read it, but it's obvious that Watase was just trying to please everyone with the ending. I would have been much happier if Riiko would have faced reality and made the best choice in the first place. The only saving grace of the story, and what kept me from absolutely hating it, is the comedic moments. There are several gags by the author that are laugh out loud funny. But it's obviously a ploy by Watase to make the silly story somewhat more enjoyable.

The drawings are done in Watase's same style. It's apparent when you see Night and realize, "Oh, another Tamahome."* A little variation in character design would be nice. That's not to say that she's not a talented artist. It's just that her designs seem to be rehashed in her newest publication, instead of something fresh and original. Besides that fact, her main boys are still attractive to look at. Which is I guess what keeps fans reading, besides just devotion to the mangaka.

My opinion - skip this one. It's short at six volumes, but not worth the time to flip the pages. It's junk compared to the other mangaka's works. If you want to read Yuu Watase then try Ceres Celestial Legend, Fushigi Yugi, Alice 19th, or even Imadoki. It's time far better spent.

Romace Rating: Lustful - Watase doesn't pull any punches. Riiko and Night make love. There's kissing and some blurred nudity. If you're a parent you'd probably want to know that the teens get drunk at a party towards the end of the story.

Media Status: Absolute Boyfriend is complete at six volumes published by Viz media. There's even a live action adaptation in Japanese.

*For those who aren't familiar, Tamahome is the main love interest in Fushigi Yugi.


Keri said...

I found this series funny at first and then it became increasingly frustrating. I especially hated how it ended. Thank God I only bought one volume.

Lorena said...

I totally agree with you -- I was totally perplexed by the "choice." Sadly, I gave this series 'til the end to impress me. Of course, it didn't and I ended up selling it back to my local manga shop for store credit. I'm just glad they gave me something for it!

Shojo Flash said...

Honestly, I thought this series was pretty cute fluff. Nothing to write home about, but I did enjoy it :)

Anonymous said...

I cried in the end of the story i thought it was cute.... i have only one volume and im planig on buying the other 5.... I iked the story a lot but the show is really not that good so i only like the manga

Anonymous said...

I thought it was cute at first. But then I got really annoyed, because everytime they were at the point of 'wanting to make love' and then some stupid thing came between them. Like that couple at the spa. Ugh. Just get it over with already.

Anonymous said...

i loved that mangastory...i bought the mangas and i'm happy about it...yeah, that's right...i hate the end and i cried a lot...and i just finished the show and endet up crying again and again...but i love the show...and i love the night in this show...riiko and soshi, too...

Anonymous said...

I just recently finished reading this and loved it. I do have to agree that I thought the ending was her way of pleasing everyone to, but then I thought maybe she was also just trying to go for a more bitter sweet ending. Anyway I was glad with Riiko's choice. And I wouldn't change it one bit.

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