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May 21, 2009

First Impressions - 100% Perfect Girl

I've been reading this every night for a couple of weeks now and just wanted to share some thoughts. I have heard great things about Wann, and actually there is another manwha by her that I wanted to read, but this one was more accessible. Let's just say that I did not expect the roller coaster ride that this series has presented so far when I picked up the first book. As far as the story goes, it's ridiculously dramatic. The main heroine, Jay, is a spunky fun-loving girl at the beginning of the story. That's one of the reasons that Jarte, the prince of Ronine, falls for her in the first place. But boy, was she ever unlucky! Half-way through the series I'm now wishing the two had never met, and I feel sorry for Jay. Due to the prince's obsessive love, Jay has been through hell. The long list of atrocities includes kidnapping, framed for treason, severe accident, amnesia, mental trauma, broken heart, depression, and attempted rape. She's even lost the ability to create art, which is her passion. Even after all this she still loves Jarte. It's sickening to watch how this couple's relationship deteriorates due to lack of communication and trust, and how twisted their minds have become due to the events that have transpired. Umm, Jay and Jarte definitely need tons of therapy, and that's an understatement. At this point I can't see how this relationship will even survive.

Wann's drawings are definitely nice to look at and very detailed. It's just that her storytelling is so over the top. She most definitely understands human psychology, and can portray that very well in her characters. I also didn't expect the amount of violence this series contains. With the royal special forces, the bodyguards, the mafia, and arms dealers, you see plenty of people stabbed or riddled with bullets, and there's plenty of blood splashed around too. Isn't this suppose to be a love story?

Anyways, this story's pretty wacked so far, and I don't know if I even want to see the main protagonists get together for happily ever after. There's several more novels left, so we'll see how it goes....


Anonymous said...

i like this manga and i really do hope that they will be together

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