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May 9, 2010

First Impressions: Knockout Makers 1, Pig Bride 4, Stolen Hearts 1

Knockout Makers

If you are an avid feminist, then this title is not for you. This is a shallow series about how making a girl look her best will win the heart of the boy she loves. Not what I would want any teen girl to read, by far.

Stolen Hearts

A chemistry between two unlikely classmates develops from wearing kimonos. It's hard not to like the protagonists in this series, and watching their affection grow over a few chapters has that shojo "awww" factor. Definitely one of the best new shojo titles so far this year.

Pig Bride 4

The spell is broken, but the story is not over yet. Now it's Si-Joon's turn to seek out Mu Yeon, since he's come to terms with his feelings. I'm looking forward to the concluding volume in July.


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