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Aug 19, 2009

Memorable Manga Moments - M³: Please Save My Earth

This week's is from Saki Hiwatari's Please Save My Earth

Volume 11, pages 24-29

Right before this scene, Mokuren and Shion went through something very traumatic which should have destroyed their relationship. However, to Shion's surprise, their relationship is not over. Shion claims "I'm not the man for you" even while he confesses that all he's wanted is the love of another human being. And Mokuren sees in Shion what she has been looking for her whole life - somebody who sees her as a person. Then there is a flash-forward in time to Shion during his time of insanity at Mokuren's tomb.

This moment stands out because there is so much happening in these six pages. It is told from Shion's viewpoint, but later we see Mokuren's viewpoint. That makes this moment even more poignant in the second reading because we know what Shion does not. It is ironic that, as Mokuren is talking about how people keep searching for big things when what they want are the small things before them, Shion is doing just that - he is focusing so hard on his pessimism that he does not see that Mokuren is offering what he has always secretly yearned for - love. It is only in the flash-forward that he appreciates Mokuren. And yet, rather than being angry at himself, knowing that she loved him brings him calm.

I feel like I cannot express adequately what makes this scene so moving. It depends so much on understanding the characters of Mokuren and Shion. This feels like a moment which could only happen between these two, and that this is happening between real people. There have been times when I failed to recognize the truth before me because I was caught in my emotional defenses. Mokuren's forgiveness is far stronger than her rage ever could be, just as Shion's peace at Mokuren's tomb is more moving than his hatred. This is one of my very favorite moments in Please Save My Earth, and that is saying a lot.

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Thanks, Sara, for sharing this very moving moment with us, and a great big high-five from me on the writing! Well done! \:D/


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