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Aug 9, 2009

Pig Bride Vol. 2 - KookHwa Huh / SuJin Kim

Pig Bride is a Korean manhwa currently serialized in Yen Plus magazine.

Synopsis: When cute and conniving Doe-Doe Eun arrives to visit Si-Joon Lee at his home, she is possessed by an evil snake spirit determined to harm Si-Joon. A new character is introduced and the source of the evil spirits comes to light. After reviving Doe-Doe, Mu-Yeon Park passes out and Si-Joon must lift the mask to give her CPR. It is at this time he has a flashback and some history between the souls of Mu-Yeon and Si-Joon is revealed. Si-Joon's psyche has begun to acknowledge the significance of Mu-Yeon, however he continues to yell accusations of blame at her for everything that goes wrong. Despite this, Mu-Yeon uses her own knowledge and powers to protect and and take care of Si-Joon and his friends, including Doe-Doe. When Doe-Doe determines that Mu-Yeon is Si-Joon's fiance, she conspires to get rid of the girl once and for all. With Doe-Doe in custody of Mu-Yeon's mask, the volume concludes with a cliff hanger, and it looks like the spoiled brat is in for an ugly surprise.

Review: With more action and character development, volume 2 is much more entertaining than the first. From fighting evil spirits to fortune telling, Mu-Yeon's enigmatic aura continues to remain the centerpiece of the storyline. This volume reveals the existence of a powerful physical rival for Mu-Yeon. Thus, the supernatural elements from the first volume begin to take shape and make more sense. Si-Joon is still his passionate, oblivious self. I still want to knock some sense into him for how he acts towards Doe-Doe and Mu-Yeon. However, with recent events he is evolving to become more aware of the connection between himself and Mu-Yeon. As one event quickly leads to another the plot of this volume spirals to a cliffhanger, an effective if annoying device cleverly used by the author. The art in this volume looks attractive. The panels transition smoothly, even in the action sequences. The scenes are nicely balanced with clean line art and dynamic toning to suit the mood of the story. Overall, this story has readily captured my attention and the wait for volume three will try my patience. A cliffhanger? Really?!

Romance Rating: Cuddly - Some questionable kissing, possessive affection, and heart aching attraction heat up the romantic action in this volume.

Media Status: Pig Bride is available in two volumes from Yen Press, with volume three being released in December 2009. You can read the most current chapters in Yen Plus magazine.


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