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Sep 10, 2009

Memorable Manga Moments - M³: Dramacon

I have to preface this by saying that it took me for-ever! to pick just one memorable moment from this series. There were many great little moments that stuck in my mind weeks after reading it. I ended up with this one because it was the turning point of the first volume and wasn't a really big spoiler.

This week's is from Chmakova's Dramacon series.
Volume 1 Chapter 5
To set this up a little, main character and comic writer Christie is at her first con with her loser artist boyfriend and a couple of chaperons. Within the first few hours at the con, Christie runs into Matt and the chemistry sparks. Back at the hotel that evening said boyfriend gets jealous and becomes a mean drunk. When Christie flees the room, she ends up at Matt's door having no where else to go. Matt just holds her while she cries. You can't finish this volume without really liking Matt as a character. He's a sensitive guy with a smart mouth and a sharp wit. This particular scene shows his sensitive, protective side. I loved the ending chapter art as well. Chmakova's series is full of little memorable moments like this one.


Anonymous said...

This is a great moment and I agree that it's so hard to choose just one from this series. Makes me want to read it again!

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