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Sep 23, 2009

Memorable Manga Moments - M³: Lovely Complex "Love Sick"

Due to the weather and allergies, I've spent the past week trying to get well. I know that it's that time of year when colds and flu start raging. This got me thinking about shojo manga and how there always seems to be at least one cliché sick scene in almost every slice of life series I've read. Of all the ones I could remember, this one stood out the most because it was just so funny.

Volume 6 Chapter 21
In this scene, Risa has come to visit Otani since he has been home sick from school. Ever since Risa confessed that she loved him, Otani has been unwilling to accept her feelings. Right before this scene, he admits that he doesn't even want to make a move on her, even though they're alone in his bedroom. Sad and disheartened, Risa attempts to seduce him anyway, and leans in to kiss him. Delirious with fever, Otani at that point passes out. Pftt! Nakahara chose such a humorous way to commemorate the akward couple's first kiss. Otani doesn't even remember it! Poor Risa!


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