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Dec 12, 2009

Pig Bride Vol. 3 - KookHwa Huh / SuJin Kim

Synopsis: Starting right where the story last ended, volume three opens with Doe-Doe getting hold of Mu-Yeon's pig mask. Greedy Doe-Doe now in possession of the mask, decides to try it on herself and suffers the consequences. Meanwhile, Si-Joon and friends are out searching for Mu-Yeon and Doe-Doe. Once Doe-Doe is found, Si-Joon must decide whether or not to give the mask back to Mu-Yeon. The next morning Si-Joon's friend Ji-Oh brings it to his attention that he may have some tender feelings towards Mu-Yeon. In complete denial, Si-Joon continues to fuss about Doe-Doe. A flash back shows Si-Joon and Mu-Yeon from their previous lives. When Mu-Yeon's main nemesis, Ki Ryong, shows up dressed as Mu-Yeon, she tries to seduce Si-Joon into her arms. Si-Joon is then left to decide what his true feelings for Mu-Yeon really are. The volume ends once again with a cliffhanger. Ji-Oh has been kidnapped!

Review: Ah! Finally we get to know why Mu-Yeon wears her mask! At the beginning of the book we see the consequences if someone sees Mu-Yeon's face. Then later on in flashbacks, we learn about the curse of the mask and what Mu-Yeon's goal is now at this point in time. The flash backs are integral to the plot of the story, and my favorite one of this volume was one we have seen before. The very first volume of this series begins with the flashback of when Si-Joon met Mu-Yeon for the first time. At eight years old he gets lost, little Mu-Yeon finds him, and he is tricked into marrying her. Now in volume three, we see that flashback again, yet from Mu-Yeon's point of view. Even at eight years old she recognizes Si-Joon from her past life, and already loves him. It's very sweet.

Si-Joon himself has started to come around to his feelings for Mu-Yeon in this volume. Even though he could demand that Mu Yeon show him her face when she loses her mask, he sympathizes with her, and offers it back. We also see him ask her for protection when the place they are staying at loses electricity. Although he denies any affection for her, he becomes jealous when Mu-Yeon praises Ji-Oh and asks for help in studying. He tells Ji-Oh to go to the hospital to see Doe-Doe, because he doesn't want to leave Ji-Oh and Mu-Yeon alone together. Another time he wakes from a dream of Mu-Yeon being attacked in his past life, and the first thing he does is find Mu-Yeon and embrace her. Until he comes fully awake, and then he shoves her away. His ever conflicting emotions make him weak to whatever attacks the antagonist has planned.

Speaking of the evil one, previously we've had hints and glimpses of Mu-Yeon's nemesis, but now in volume three we see her in action. Aiming to keep Mu-Yeon and Si-Joon apart, she has come to fulfill her historical role of assassinating Si-Joon. Attempts on his life have been occurring since volume one. The shockingly beautiful temptress now takes it upon herself to intervene, trying to also keep Mu-Yeon from breaking her curse.

The humor in this volume really steps it up a notch. In my opinion the raccoon steals the show. He's just randomly there, but keeps on playing a role that either saves the day, or gives you fits of laughter. Then there's poor Doe-Doe. If you weren't sure about Doe-Doe before, it becomes apparent now that her character really is there for comic relief. When she tries on Mu-Yeon's mask, she is struck by lightning. They then show in a news broadcast her strawberry panties that have a hole through the butt, and her drooling face with fried hair. Later on we discover that because of the lightning strike, Doe-Doe has become magnetized and anything metal is attracted to her. Which becomes quite comical at one point. Eventually she becomes so embarrassed that she starts wearing a paper bag over her head. If you ever wanted to watch the spoiled brat get her just deserts, then this series does a fine job of it.

As I've said in previous reviews, the color art is not that fantastic, but it's the layout and paneling as well as the clean line art and toning that carry this imaginative plot. Pig Bride is enjoyable to read and keeps me giggling through out each volume. If a series can do that, then I'll keep coming back for more. If you're looking for something sweet, light-hearted, and humorous then I highly recommend you give this series a try.

Romance Rating: Steamy - Not that there are any passionate scenes happening in this story, but Si-Joon does walk in on Mu-Yeon while changing clothes or bathing more than once, so there's some implied nudity. Then there's the insistence every volume that the couple consummate the marriage by Mu-Yeon.

Media Status: Pig Bride volume 3 is available in English from Yen Press. You can find the most recent chapters in the Yen Plus publication. Volume four will be available April 2010.


Pharmakeus Ubik said...

Thanks for this review. I just discovered this manhwa and am really enjoying it. Definitely looking forward to volume 4's release.

Laura said...

You're very welcome. I'm really enjoying this series from Yen Press way too much. :)

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