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Jan 1, 2010

Best New Shojo of 2009

One more "best of" list that focuses only on the shojo genre of 2009.

1. Kimi
ni Todoke - Adorable and heartwarming, Kimi ni Todoke is a high school slice of life love story between Sawako, a shy, socially inept girl and Kazehaya, a kind, popular boy. Art style and paneling combine to accent the poignant moments in this story.

2. Black Bird - Spicy and naughty, Black Bird is the newest shojo guilty pleasure. The target of demons due to the power she holds, Misao can only accept the protection of her perverted childhood friend, Kyo, leader of a tengu clan and a demon himself. Does Kyo only want Misao for the power he can gain, or is there more behind his desire to possess her?

3. Rasetsu - Supernatural romance with beautiful artwork, Rasetsu continues the story of Yako Hoshino from Yurara. Cursed to find love before her 20th birthday or be taken away by a demon, Rasetsu works as an exorcist while looking for the right guy. Yako Hoshino with spiritual powers of his own, works as part of Rasetsu's team while pining for his lost love. Will he become the one who saves Rasetsu from her horrible fate?

4. Honey Hunt - Another girl becoming a celebrity title, Honey Hunt provides a love triangle between brothers. Yura's parents are both famous celebrities. When her parents divorce, Yura finds her first love with her mother. Furious, she decides to destroy her mother's image by becoming an actress. With the support of two brothers, she determines to make her way as a success.

5. Otomen - Otomen is the teen girl's fantasy male character that could be your best friend. Captain of the kendo team with excellent judo and karate skills, Asuka Masamune is considered the manliest guy on campus. He has worked hard to preserve his darkest secret. He loves cooking, sewing, the color pink, shojo manga, and plushies. However, once he meets outgoing Ryō Miyakozuka who has just transferred to Ginyuri Academy, his hobbies become more difficult to hide.

6. V
enus Capriccio - Playing with the idea of role reversal, Venus Capriccio tells the story of tall and athletic Takami Habara who has a bluntly honest and outgoing personality. This is far from her ideal girly personality of a beautiful and demure princess. Her long time childhood friend, Akira Sasaki, has served that role in her mind; a talented pianist whose blond hair and blue eyes project a delicate beauty rivaled by any princess - except that Akira is a boy. Now teens, Akira decides to enlighten Takami about his own masculinity and sets out to prove which of them is really the "princess".

7. Name of the Flower - Serious and sentimental, Name of the Flower tells the story of a young girl Chouko, taken in by a distant relative when her parents suddenly pass away. The relative Kei, a young novelist, relates to the girl's grief and watches her as she begins to live again. In his latest novel "Hana", his deepest feelings are expressed. Will Chouko reach Kei and help him find happiness?

8. Maid-Sama! - A fun romp, Maid-Sama! centers around Misaki Ayuzaka, president of the student council at her recently all boys turned co-ed high school. Working hard to keep the school in high reputation to increase the girl population, she is considered a tyrant by the boys. Since her father left her family Misaki must work part time after school at a maid cafe. When one boy finds out her secret she expects to be belittled at school. Instead he keeps the secret. What could his motive be?


The following titles I would have included except the first book was released in November 2008.

Shinobi Life - A time-traveling romance, Shinobi Life brings together an orphaned ninja from history and a modern day rich girl. Kagetora believes himself to be protecting his princess Beni-Hime, and modern day Beni, who has already been the subject of numerous kidnappings, thinks he's a bodyguard hired by her rich father. When both realize the time difference, Kagetora's feelings get confused, because he realizes he is now developing emotions for the new Beni, and poor Beni just wants Kagetora to love her for herself and not think of her as Beni-Hime.

We Were There - Serious and depressing, We Were There focuses on a boy's grief and angst at his first love who dies in an accident, and the girl who tries to love him. Yano cares for Takahashi Nanami but has numerous issues with jealousy and trust. Takahashi loves Yano, but until he can heal himself, there is only so much she can give him to provide happiness. A realistic look at a relationship and how emotions linger in one's heart.


lizarazu139 said...

Yup, you got that one. Even tho is like the end on 2008, it is more 2009. Sinobi life, I'm not that much into it, but Bokura ga Ita (We where there) sure is a great one. Unfortunaly I haven't read the chapters from the start because I haven't got them (the ones from the anime made) but the rest are now kindda on. It bad this hiatus because I don't know, the writer is sick, but anyway, anybody can enjoy them here (online reader): http://manga.animea.net/bokura-ga-ita.html

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