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Jun 5, 2009

M³ - Memorable Manga Moments: Lovely Complex

Since we discussed festivals earlier this week, I decided a memorable festival moment was in order. This one is from Aya Nakahara's Lovely Complex, aka. Love★Com.

This one stands out to me because it's the first time that Risa notices that Otani is a "guy". Up to this point she hasn't considered him as datable material. Funny how holding his hand triggers it. Has anyone ever had this similar experience, where a guy you're around all the time, all of the sudden becomes considerable? Risa's reaction is spot on. Then there's Otani's embarrassment where he drops Risa's hand. That's so characteristic of a shy guy. Nakahara has the boy and girl reactions nailed.


Lorena said...

First, love the "M3" branding. Great idea! :)

Second, I just love this scene and it was the first thing that came to mind when you did your festival backgrounder earlier this week. You're right -- their reactions are spot on!

MizzFWA said...

This is one of my favourite "awakening" moments too! I've added a link to this when I did the Love Com review on my blog.

Check out your publicity ;)

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