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Jun 26, 2009

M³ - Memorable Manga Moments: Hana-Kimi

Our moment this week is the "Ball" scene from Hisaya Nakajo's Hana-Kimi.

Spending weeks practicing to learn how to dance, Mizuki is then nominated as one of the cutest boys at school to cross-dress in order to make up for the lack of girls attending the ball. (Convenient plot twist, huh?) She is paired with Nakatsu, who passes out, and leaves her standing as an observer. Sano notices and leaves his partner, Rio, who is in on Mizuki's secret, to ask Mizuki to dance. Although everyone believes Mizuki Ashiya is a guy, they still think the couple looks cute together. Pretty obvious to me she's a girl. I like this moment because it's one of the few times you see Sano bust into a wide smile, and they are actually enjoying a dance as a normal couple would do.


Shadowblosso said...

eeeh !! I just LOVED that moment too !! *_* Oh my gosh ! they were the loveliest couple in the whoooole world at that moment !! ='D hehe I was soo happy for them too ~~! but still it's been such a very long time since I've read it (and even so I still remember it 'cause it was so awesome) I can't remember, wasn't it them whom were voted king and queen of the ball ? oh yeah the king was nanba no ? =O

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