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Jun 19, 2009

M³ - Memorable Manga Moments: Skip Beat

This week's is from a fairly recent release, Skip Beat vol. 18, by Yoshiki Nakamura. It's technically two different moments, but I really like the reactions shown by the two men. Koo, whom Kyoko is assisting for LME, assigns her to act like a young boy, Kuon, who was once his son. The man's reaction on the first day she comes as Kuon is great! He's half-asleep and was really expecting his son since Kyoko was talking in English, then he looks and realizes it's Kyoko.

But what's even better is when Ren sees Kyoko when they both end up at the same site during the work day. Kyoko is acting her role as Kuon when she runs past Ren in a hallway.

Oh, such good stuff! Ren's reaction is heartstopping. If you've read the story then you know the connections between Koo, Ren, and Kuon. The fact that Kyoko nails the role just shows how well she understands "Kuon". The two guys' reactions are priceless. Two very memorable Skip Beat moments. Great plot, Nakamura!


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