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Jul 3, 2009

Last Week for Your Shojo Votes

All month long I've had a poll running for visitors to type in the title that they want to nominate as July's Shojo Manga of the Month. So far it's gotten little feedback. This is the last week to vote. Take a few moments, think about what titles you've read recently, and cast a vote. The only requirement is that it is a shojo or josei title. It doesn't have to be a recent title, or a new release, just one that stands out to you that you recently read. The title with the most votes will be highlighted next month and have it's own special widget.


Anonymous said...

I cast my vote a while ago, and I must say that I am very pleased with the results so far. From Eroica With Love Volume 14 is by far the shojo manga I most look forward to this month. And the last volume came out in July 2008, so it is very much of a July manga lately. Not that I don't like the other manga which have earned votes ... anyway, long live the Earl of Gloria!

- Sara K.

Katherine Dacey said...

I'd love to vote in your poll, but the widget doesn't display correctly on my browser. I can view the results but not the actual ballot. Perhaps other folks have encountered the same difficulty?

Laura said...

It usually only does that if a vote has already been cast from your IP address. That way you're only allowed one vote and can't spam the poll. Maybe try a different computer? If you know how you might try refreshing and renewing your IP address. I've checked it on different browsers and it comes up fine. Anyone else let me know if you've encountered the same problem.

Thanks for the heads up Katherine!

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