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Jul 5, 2009

Mars - Fuyumi Soryo

Initially serialized in Bessatsu Friend from 1996-2000, Mars is a dramatic shojo manga about the unlikely relationship between teens Kira Aso and Rei Kashino.

Synopsis: Kira Aso is an introverted artist. One day while sketching at a local park, a guy from school Kira doesn't care for, asks her for directions to the local hospital. Instead of telling him, she draws him a map on the back of one of her sketches and leaves. When school starts soon after, Kira discovers that the guy, Rei Kashino, is actually in her class. Rei, training to become a professional motorcycle racer, is only attending school because he promised his father, whom he does not get along with. He's known socially as a playboy, so Kira is surprised when Rei one day interferes while their teacher is attempting to sexually harass her. When Kira offers to let Rei keep the oil painting of the sketch on the back of the map, Rei declares that he will protect her as payment. He flippantly offers her his body too, and is caught off guard when Kira asks him to model for her. Spending more and more time together, Rei and Kira begin to realize their true feelings for one another. As more of their pasts are revealed, readers discover what really draws these two teens together. In search of their dreams, Kira and Rei must deal with these issues in order to move forward towards the future.

Review: As a story this series has more depth to it than a stereotypical high school romance manga. The drama can be reminiscent of a soap opera at times, but it is overshadowed by the characters themselves. Soryo really delves into the characters, creating complex personalities that appear more human than your average manga protagonists. The exposition of Kira and Rei stretches over several volumes, allowing readers to slowly realize the psychology behind the characters. I could complain that Soryo really gives her characters some messed up stuff to deal with, but as dramatic as it may be, it only adds to the mystique of how Kira and Rei will make their relationship last. As far as the drawing goes, the mangaka does a fair job of layouts and composition. She has a good sense of perspective, and knows how to use toning to emphasize mood and emotions quite well. The style dating is evident throughout the series, but not to the point of distraction.

Romance Rating: Lustful - Rei and Kira's relationship provides enough heart warming and intimate moments to satisfy any shojo fan.

Media status: Mars is available in English in 15 volumes from Tokyopop. A live action drama was filmed and aired on the Chinese television system.


Anonymous said...

Ah, so glad to see you've reviewed this series! I'm actually getting my hands on the next few volumes tomorrow and can't wait to see the drama develop. Sounds like I should have gotten to this sooner!

Laura said...

LOL. I tried to tell you it was a good one. :) I hope you enjoy this one like you have Land of the Blindfolded.

MizzFWA said...

Oh my Lord! I was trying to remember where I'd seen this before. I just realized I'd read the first volume, LOVED IT, and then dropped it for some reason or other. You know when you've read so much manga you lose track? I think that's what happened! Seeing this review reminded me of it. Brilliant review, btw :D *goes off to find the next volume*

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