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Jul 3, 2009

M³ - Memorable Manga Moments: W Juliet

This week's is from W Juliet by Emura.
In this scene Ito has been at a New Year's party and was dragged off by a college guy. He is an old friend and asks Ito to dress up sexy. Gullible girl that she is, she does it, and then realizes the position she's put herself in and takes off running. It's at that moment she runs into Makoto, who usually dresses as a girl to fulfill his deal with his father. This is the first time he dresses up in public like a guy; add to that his proclamation that he is Ito's boyfriend and you have a memorable moment. This one stands out in my mind because it contrasts the usual image of Makoto as a feminine guy. Here he is protecting Ito, who he cares for, as any strong, masculine guy would. It has a great effect on Ito's perception of Makoto.


MizzFWA said...

This is lovely! Is it possible to suggest a Memorable Manga Moment too? I'd recently read one, but I didn't want to mimic this on my blog =)

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