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Jul 8, 2009

New Feature - Share your shojo love!

After much hair pulling and cursing of javascript, as well as several deleted posts (sorry to all my followers)...

Here it is as requested...
Now YOU can nominate a Memorable Manga Moment!

Click on the button in the side bar (or below) and fill out the form.
Submissions will be considered as received, given they have enough information to create a post. So have fun, be witty, and tell us what you find memorable in your favorite shojo mangas!


Anonymous said...

I definitely like this feature. I'll have to think about what I would submit. And I'll love seeing what other people will add. Actually, there's one manga which has quite a few moments I would submit, but I have it in French and ... it hasn't been published in English.

- Sara K.

Laura said...

If the drawings are effective enough, then it wouldn't matter what language it's in. You can translate a summary of what's happening in the scene. It may pique the interest of others who are fluent enough to read it in French. ;)

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