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Jul 30, 2009

Memorable Manga Moments - M³: High School Debut

This week's is from Kazune Kawahara's High School Debut. Forgive the amount of images, but it was difficult to condense without losing the imapct. ;)

Volume 1 Chapter 4
When coaching Haruna on how to interact with boys, Yoh tells her on several occasions not to cry because he finds it annoying. In this scene she's crying because she was frightened, and relieved when Yoh comes to her rescue. She was being kidnapped by a jerk and his friends with intent to harm her, and Yoh is annoyed because he tried to warn her and she ignored his advice and acted on her own anyway.

Volume 2 Chapter 6

Things change however, when Haruna's feelings have truly been hurt by a boy she cares for. She tries to act brave for Yoh, and put on a smile since she knows the crying annoys him. However, sensitive Yoh does understand how she feels, and tells her that this time it's okay to cry. I love the contrast of these scenes because it shows how Yoh's feelings for Haruna have developed, and the feelings that Haruna has for Yoh that she doesn't even realize yet. That's what makes this such a memorable moment.


MizzFWA said...

I actually picked up on that when I read it. This still remains one of my favourite shoujo titles EVER, and I think you've captured that contrast beautifully. Thanks for sharing it! :)

Michelle Smith said...

Oh, what lovely moments you've picked. I love that series so very much and now you've made me want to reread it! :)

Laura said...

I think this is a series that I will revisit and reread to cherish the moments many times. It's very high on my favorites list. :)

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